Happy Birthday Mama

Malaysian voter

My humble thoughts on GE13 for now:

1. The ink from my Kilometrico pen lasts longer
2. Malaysians are still prejudicial and ignorant -They are called Bangladeshi, and no you have no right to detain, or harass any phantom voters.
3. No Anwar you cannot simply announce results. To inspire one must just have faith.
4. Yes BN is playing dirty but don’t take it on Malaysians who still believe in them. Let them be. Earn your respect.
5. It’s called the freaking social media! You want to keep calm? Block their newsfeed.
6. Do not organise a parti liar if your party wins. You have a bloody full term that is 5 years to celebrate. Chill dulu.

Sekian Terima Kasih.

Undi itu rahsia

voting_is_sexy_get_out_the_voteTime gives you perspective.

Someone once said that a good writer must know his audience. My numbered days as a journalist then a copywriter, taught me how to sketch the truth and paint a good lie. Right now any voter will make a good reader.

Few more days to the most important date in 5 years. Even a child has a favourite candidate thanks to the generous handouts. Let us not forget democracy still has a voice in ‘Malaysia Truly Asia’ and a non-registered voter remains a mute.

Race. The tragedy behind our nation’s policies that is being challenged even by its beneficiaries as being unfair. I just turned 28 a week ago and am considered miserable by the standards of my race. I should have been married with kids and either work for a GLC or own a SME milking government funding. Well I think life is a beautiful story as how you would like it to be told.

So let me tell you mine. It’s a short one.

I have dated Chinese girls who turned out to be equally racist as their parents. The prejudice they have towards me was perhaps motivated by fear and hate for my ethnic ‘qualities’. Balancing the idea of being a good Muslim and owning a Tibetan bowl for meditation purposes, could have also been a sign of non committal. But would a spiritually emancipated person be a tyrant?

Ironically I was even victimised by my own people following the politics of tikam belakang by another’s quest for power in a pro-government organisation. Sounds like a familiar plot? The script has always been the same in the game of chess. Only the stakes are different. On top of that meeting entrepreneurs who have the audacity to think grants and favours received from the government is their birthright. I can’t fathom how these same men can still plan their next trip to the Holy Land.

Now politics and religion is not a melody for a secular state. Anyone says otherwise is a hypocrite. We have leaked sex videos to cast doubt over a man’s moral. Well I remember a married Umno man ‘suggested’ to have an affair with one of my girlfriends. Imagine if I asked her to play along and record it so we can profit from it. I’d be driving a Ferrari from one the expensive homes in D’sara Heights by now like some of our ministers. Oh Lord I sound like a bitter Malaysian. Nevertheless good leaders are never chameleons.

I understand the socio-economic disparity as i have had my fair share of ethnic exposure since my childhood. My late father was a planter so I have lived in estates in Negeri Sembilan, Melaka, and not so big towns in Sarawak and Sabah. There were really poor people with realistic short-term goals of making ends meet. Many Malaysians have finally open up to the true blues. Leadership is about strengthening your weakest link and our ruling government has merely done so only on ad-hoc basis.

My life is has reached a point of change. I have to reevaluate my personal goals and that is why I have decided to go through the process of detoxification. Of course i am speaking in terms of general well-being due to my ageing body. But it has also been awhile since Malaysia had one too. All we need is just a mandate for cleansing. Having an opposing belief does not make you an anarchist.