Merdeka Train Party

We sang and danced while holding back to our hunger and thirst till iftar

We sang and danced while holding back to our hunger and thirst till iftar

Liberation of the mind is nurtured through constant practice of its ideal. One would not appreciate the value of freedom without embracing its moral sanctity. Our journey in life takes a sudden turn every now and then and least inviting is the hump which slows down the course of natural flow. Marking our sign of liberation by chanting Merdeka has been easier said than done but today I witnessed the development of a National Day celebration prank turned into a social testament of the Rakyat.

The Merdeka Train Party organised by Random Alphabets was one of its few projects in engaging the masses to stand for the causes they identified with themselves and shared their conviction with the crowd. Showcasing a sign of liberation the participants mostly represent the seed of our nation i.e. younger generation unites together in expressing their belief for ‘One Malaysia’. The method itself may strike as jovial yet what truly embodies them is their profound message of faith that is shared as an entity.

Working hand in hand to decorate the monorail as explained by the mastermind Zain HD, “we are decorating for a birthday party and it is Malaysia who is celebrating its birthday” itself shows an understanding of our Independence Day beyond the experience of singing aloud to the patriotic songs and waving the flag. On surface it may seem trivial but one begins to appreciate the message as it gets embed in their soul throughout the journey. This was how the Merdeka Train Party revived Hari Merdeka.

Malaysia is a cultural potpourri where its diversity should not be reasoned but instead lived by harmoniously. It is not hard to tackle the differences when the approach to be taken is acceptance. At heart it is easier to love than to hate when the ship of self righteousness is abandoned.

* more photos at Random Alphabets


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