How machines would triumph over mankind

Technological advancement may facilitate the betterment of society and for such we should be grateful to the creative mind behind i.e. a man himself or woman of course. Though at times it may serve as a conduit of comfort swaying us from the mischief intended by such invention. I am not talking about social networking sites but instead it is the ‘petrol consumption meter’ of my car. *note urgency of a destination is redundant when the fear of pushing your automobile on the highway dawns you.

When I should have filled the petrol sooner as the warning meter indicated for remaining mileage sustainable, my ignorance was somewhat dumbfounding. As there on, i vowed to never let the meter remind to fill my tank. Never let your enemies see your naked and to make sense out of this, never let your car reduce you to humiliation of leaving yourself stranded by the roadside. *Your pending court case ex wife might be driving on the same highway.Car meter


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