Have you found your penguin?

Finding your soulmate and maintaining a monogomaus relationship for a lifetime sounds obligatory despite seeding from love itself.  The possible thrills of infidelity may come to mind on occasion and i feel it is natural to have such desire. What makes a difference is how you tackle them? Let us spare the moral debate of polygamous marriages here as some may find the love could be shared equally.  Though I may not speak out of my own practice but of of my own conviction from observing the long distance relationship shared between my parents for almost 20 years due to his course of employment. It was not easy for them especially for mum and definitely was not for me either having to follow her around shops as her man. *a good training for my future love one perhaps  What I could have learn from them is that in a relationship love is not salvation but trust is.

*penguins mate for life hence why wedding speeches equate love and marriages to penguins


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