Music antidote

For the last few weeks I have been playing the same song over and over again at home and to the annoyance of my colleague in the office as well. Although i have a feeling he secretly likes the song as well as i heard him humming to the melody while depositing faeces in LIB (lavatory international bank) Well anyway, the original song was by Miley Cyrus ‘Party In The USA’ to which everytime i mention her song and its profound lyrics i get the “muka sepuluh sen look” from others.

Today was the day when one finally realize it was a completely different song altogether. It’s called “Everything is gonna be okay” The song is inspiring further mention addictive and the only justice i could do to my previous confusion is to share the link and hopefully it will turn your day around as it did for me. Have faith in yourself before anything else. I’m trying, so shall we now?


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