Cats are not lazy

Cookies and Life

A friend was once quoted saying ‘procrastination isn’t so bad…it’s like periodization training for sports’ The goal in sports periodization is to reduce the stress at the point where the resistance stage ends so the body has time to recover. Unfortunately when we procrastinate we are merely abusing the time we have. Losing a possession is replaceable but losing youth is like dying a virgin i.e. you missed your chance. Well anyway I am proud of how I managed my time today as I have started reading law again *after a recent setback and I was rewarded with an excellent evening! Iftar was at Tokyo G *previously known as Sushi Groove (the franchising fee was too high to maintain) and someone made me chocolate chip cookies =) it was just lovely and of course a visit later to Starbucks for a cup of caramel macchiato while sharing a pleasant conversation with her throughout the evening ranging from love,work,cats to spiritualism. There was a point concluded from the talk that some people are contented with simple things in life and despite others may feel they lack ambition, perhaps it might be said out of envy. Cats spend their entire day searching for a comfortable spot to sleep on and finding one would be a bliss. Whereas we may spend our entire life not knowing what happiness is…


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