Rockstar Activism

It was at a party catered for hip hop enthusiasts and posers alike where sadly I was part of the congregation in my baggy Mecca Jeans hoping girls would find me cool. Except they go for the boys who had their break dance crew or low key high school rappers who clearly lack any sense of innovation. If there is any consolation, I was 15.

Drowning in my thoughts of envy and low aspirations of wanting to be part of the ‘in crowd’ the entire night was taxing so I decided to take off from the party *which had a cover charge and held at KGSAAS…Like some form of cosmic comfort I heard Beatnuts and back then I highly doubt anyone had guts to rap to their beat due to the fact usually the B-boys would overshadow the rapper. This guy was different. He practically climbed onto a table and first thought I had was, “man this guy ain’t a rapper he’s a Rockstar!” It was a god given divination moment.

Fast forward to present the same man continues bringing his own style into the game but this time around it’s for a greater cause. His work is best described as the jumpstart to society’s values. Zain HD was once quoted by Niki Cheong as “new-aged hippie” for his social projects which continue to draw in people who want to start believing in good things again. I had the honor of meeting him up close *through his relative and he resonates energy more than a Qigong master! If you have the time please read more on his future and past projects from his website and you will not be disappointed for he is truly an activist with a Rockstar attitude!


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