The final hours of Ramadhan


Bazaar Ramadhan Strategy in chronological order;

1-Plan ahead- knowing what you are buying will save you time from walking around  and getting annoyed by the crowd

2-Budgeting- it’s tough to control your urges so always have the allocated money in hand to avoid overspending

3-Bring small change- it saves the vendor time and less hassle as well. Imagine paying RM50 for popiah RM 1 *slap

4- Park far away – treat it as an exercise you will ever do in daytime during Ramadhan *exception to mothers with kids

5-Optional donation- throwing in coins won’t do much, least you could do is buy them food

6-Have a great iftar and don’t forget your prayers.



  1. Thanks =) just something i took note of from the past few weeks going to bazaar. No particular reason for using WP but it does give you the feel of an IT literate. =p

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