‘U’ are the missing letter in my alphabets

“Girl you must be the right pizza for me, coz everytime i get near you i turn cheesy” =D tweet..tweet..(inside joke) Anyway after having supper and shisha at Shisha Rhapsody, followed by burger at Rasta for sahor, *thank god i went gym today. I realize some guys have problems getting past the first hurdle and this could be damaging to our civilization! Ladies, forgive us if sometimes we may sound cheesy *cough but the truth is we have purest intention on getting to know you. We don’t want to play games,we want to name our firstborn together…

Okay maybe not so but after hanging out with 3 cool bros (Hashim,Altimet,Ija) and a girl (Didi) we all agree on one thing as quoted by Altimet “Men are a commodity” *ratio of women to men in KL is 4:1 (will check stats again) Well maybe she wasn’t entirely in agreement but what is certain is that the next time a guy comes up to you, it could be love or just something else but either way it is a lesson best learn through experience. Or some dad’s would just want to get a taser gun for their daughters.

Let us all be smitten by this melody courtesy of a friend. Good night



  1. First of all, my name is spelled as Double D (sing that song you sang HAHAHA) as in, dD. Not Didi. Eegh.

    ..and by referring me as “a girl”, you have made it sound like you guys hung out with this little young girl.

    Twit twit twit.

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