Simple Truth

The ugly truth

Friday night is the time where most couples spend their time together sharing stories of their rough week followed by a cuddle leaving each with a feeling that everything will be alright…Though I’m not speaking on my behalf as I had to finish off some work and later found myself unexpectedly watching an alleged ‘chick flick’ with 2 guys (Hashim and Ija) who had no plans themselves. The choice of movie was the ‘Ugly Truth’ where it really was not that ugly.

Those who have not seen the movie worry not as I would only speak of what it preaches rather than how the story goes. Girls would expect men to treat the movie as educational. However the ‘Ugly Truth’ is best described as unraveling of falsehood between love and lust. Men are not perverse but practical.

Gerard Butler is the epitome of machismo in the movie yet he does not neglect his purging of emotions i.e. catharsis towards the end. Love should never be planned out for it is not a result of a scavenging search, but a self realization that could only be obtained by listening to the inner voice. Men who are in quest for lust should not be frowned upon as we have yet felt the sanctity of love nor should it be forced out of us for it shall only taint its purity. Women may find it as an absurd excuse for hormonal outrages (DD) but that is the ‘Ugly Truth’

Let us continue being men and allow us to evolve at our pace as once we escape from our cocoon, we shall be your butterfly where the possession of our heart lays in your hand and such is the fragility of our emotion.


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