Holy Molly

Who said fasting was tough? The game plan is to sleep all day long to escape thirst and hunger, wakeup just in time for iftar and feast like there is no tomorrow. Oh and use sahor as an excuse to consume carbs after 10pm but way too early before normal breakfast hours. *SLAP

That’s preposterous! It is a holy month hence cherish every second of it as an investment for the afterlife…huh? Well as I have said this before that I am not holier than thou but I do know what respect is and embracing Ramadhan as a whole is part of doing so. Mind my euphemism, but the way I treat this holy month is like buying prepaid for your afterlife account. All your merits would be recorded and whenever you shall commit sinful things between the year post-Ramadhan, it will be deducted and you will go back to square one. Now before I sound the alarm of religious zealots, I’m not suggesting this is the way we should treat it but if one is ignorant on the beauty of the holy month, he is just another mortal with bad credits. So here I am trying to buy my way back to heaven.

I can only say that my relationship with religion has gone through quite a bumpy ride but it does not mean I treat myself less as a believer. Though eventually I realize it would only make a hypocrite to divorce faith and practice as both complement each other as an embodiment of your soul and physique.

My journey during this holy month has not been too convincing to be called a good Muslim but ultimately that is what one seeks to be. Personally I find food and water is a manageable crisis during puasa, save for a fact that…masyaallah the sight of women always gets Prince Albert giving the salute. Peace Love


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