What’s going on??

It was an early day and everything seem to be in order until this came along…Sigh is the world too depressing that even an innocent soul of 8 years couldn’t take it? The police have yet ascertain the real cause of death but even if her parents were not murderers, were these adults careless about the well being of her daughter? Look at it in any way, it would still baffle you why wasn’t there anyone to notice the signs. Whereas in our local ‘headline’ despite being a mockery, it saddens more that her reason for another marriage was to merely seek companionship in her twilight years. *What happened to her kids? She did have 22 marriages! Not only life has been devalued but even a living person has been treated with such neglect! *where is the love?

The news can be very taxing on your emotion and what you should do is to treat your life with respect and love. After iftar i just had to go to the gym to reinforce my feel good vibe followed by a friend’s farewell supper at Ali Baba where the shisha and lamb accompanied by highly positive crowd did help in clearing my thoughts. When one of the lad Chris was quoted saying “i feel i can do anything and it will work” in a casual tone, i knew it was a breath of air much needed. His aspirations were no more than materialization in process. Now that’s how everyone should feel about their life!

When humpty dumpty fell off the wall guess what he said? “Scrambled or sunny side up sir?” good night!


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