Moon was shy today

postponed Syawal translates into another day of cleaning! What is sexciting about Aidilfitri though is having dad and sis with her hubby around for an Ohana occasion. We don’t necessarily have to give much attention to the props, after all it is about moderation… It’s all about experiencing self reflection on your success for enduring Ramadhan and asking forgiveness from others. Now that is convenient but learning from my mistakes for not going back ‘kampung’, every Raya goes through an anticlimax by 2pm on the first day itself! This year I came in prepared by getting myself Guitar Hero 5 and mark my words I’ll be rocking through Aidilfitri ooh yeahh…

I feel that it’s great our government is taking the initiative of giving out free tolls for certain period to control the congestion on highways and of course practicing the giving spirit of Raya. Now what about those who are left behind? I sure wouldn’t mind getting rebates for Starbucks, Mr Prime Minister =D

On a serious note, I hope motorists will be in total control of themselves behind the wheels and not let their anger or idiocy dictate their driving. Just remember the other person on the highway is looking forward to play ‘bunga api’ with his daughter or perhaps the couple in front of you is excited about sharing the news of her pregnancy to the family etc…Driving with compassion averts insensible outrages.

Lastly I wish everyone a Selamat Hari Raya Aidilifitri and if for whatever reason I may have triggered hate from you I hope you will suck it up and come visit me so we’ll have great Raya leaving our past behind =D The moon may have shied away but they say foreplay grows anticipation for the cumming day…Maaf Zahir Batin and call me if you’re in KL!


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