Manic Sunday without panic

7am! on a Sunday. It’s embed in your mind that the idea of waking up this early on a Sunday would never make sense. However…it’s Raya and it’s blasphemous on account of  family tradition to miss the prayers and of course the dreadful sermon. Well thank you for the greatest hp game ever i.e. Golf  *believe me golf is more than just filling the holes with your ball over and over again especially when you’re playing it on your hp to kill time.

Anyway what caught my attention eventually was quote of the day by the imam, “ketibaan Syawal tidak harus dijadikan masa untuk sekadar melepaskan nafsu syahwat..” (the arrival of Syawal should not be taken as a time for merely fulfilling your sexual deprivation) I tried to hold back my laughter and looked around but none of the congregation shared my sentiment.sigh. Finally the sermon ended on a high note where every one goes around salam each other and altogether it succeeded in sparking within myself a feeling of brotherhood.

Feasting at home on Raya day is great but i’m just not really fond of rendang,ketupat etc..It was nice though to have dad and bro in law on same table but i realized the tv shows were pathetic.*Standup comedy should never be done in Malay.Period. Thank god for Guitar Hero 5 as it brought salvation for my entire day and the bug caught everyone else around. ‘Balik Kampung’ soon became an overrated concept of Raya bliss for us. *denial

I have a theory that claustrophobia derives not out of fear of confined spaces but rather repressed joy. Eg. i can’t quite say my house is big nor is it small enough to make anyone suffocate, but for some reason i became restless from the thought of staying home any longer whereby i was psyched to go out and eventually to a mall. Therefore, it would be an irony if one escapes a limited space to go to another as a cure for their phobia. comprende? *im trying to read this again but for some reason it sounded brilliant in form of thought but not as an in depth analysis but hey its a blog. =D

Family is the only thing that matters in any festivity and the visit from Pak Su & Family had great timing to conclude Raya. It was a day where everything was perfect in its simplicity. If i may say it had been a festive Zen day.Raya Rockin


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