blood is thicker than water?

Classic Family Portrait Years Ago

Family. What holds this unit together? Love? or the mere fact of being related by blood imposes a standard of treatment and respect without any preconditions? I love my family without a doubt and i will do anything for them and by family i mean abah,mama,ayong along with her hubby idris and a-a =D *close friends mend into this knit as well. Having said that it baffles me how relatives are constantly governed by ignorance or perhaps idiocy when it comes to family affairs. The fact Hari Raya and the message of seeking forgiveness is still lingering *commercialized act of indulgence in my opinion. I have relatives who still speaks ill of my dad without questioning their right sense of mind! *if they had any

Point to note, never take cheap shots when obviously you’re using it as a smokescreen to your unsubstantiated arguments. Jason Mraz says it best, ‘the telephone works in both ways’ so if you want to talk to my dad pick up the phone you infirm of purpose. Pardon the hormonal rage but idiocy is the annoying fruit that bears from the tree of ignorance which is abominable to my standards.

Defensive policing  is what family is all about. We take blows to another as an attack against our fortress of bliss and if you practice this within your family then cherish it. Blood is then thicker than water. Karma card is the decisive play in the hand of fate, the next time one launches an onslaught to my family be it from the abused nomenclature of ‘extended family’, i hope your kids know how read yassin as you will never get a surah from me at all. Period.

Now let us all be hypocrites so Maaf Zahir Batin =D


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