In the jungle the mighty jungle

The urban jungle experience could be equally displeasing and gratifying. Sometimes it only takes a good week out of the 52 weeks to assure you that life is all good. Rules of the urban jungle is not so different than the wild. We have monkeys around us making it impossible to lose our guard at times as well as elephants who are equally conniving when standing close to you while you are feasting so they could swing their trunk and steal some of yours.  Though all is well when animals gather around by the lake to mingle and share the same source of survival. Water.

We have drinks in bistros and to quote a term from someone, ‘people watching’ educates you the type of society you live in. Sure we have predators lurking and causing misery in our habitat but the cycle of life is meant to test you this way. You can’t appreciate life untill you accept the inescapable death and the trick is to not be consumed by the thought. Embrace every living day like Timon and Pumba in Lion King and grief will just be a phase.

I may not be the king of the jungle, but at least now i know which path i should be heading. Now let’s dance to the jungle beat.


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