The right words to a girl

Sometimes you may have the right things to say without the right person to say it to. Sigh. Inspired by this song (see video below) I feel these should be the 5 things you should say randomly to your other half to make her day. *i came up with it at 3am ok.sad aint it?

5- If i get a ringgit for every sight of you, i will be heavily taxed by the government.

4-Sugar has calories but thank god i get to keep you instead of using you

3-I feel like a ginger bread man when i’m with you, cause you shape me up like a template

2-I  don’t mind being a dead car battery at times, for your presence jump starts the day

1- ULTIMATELY-  Cupid was just too kind for aiming that arrow to ugly me and beautiful you.

Cheers and may you use it well.hehe


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