Sunday Run Day

killer heels (team name i was not consulted with)

Waking up early has never been to my fancy but this time it was a sign of commitment to the team Killer Heels! =_=

The Ekiden Run had perfect timing to wash away the Raya feast guilt weeks before.  I was coerced by my sister to join her ‘mixed team’ as she was hoping this would increase her chances of winning the relay marathon. *word is the women category only had 14 teams! sorry sis =D

We didn’t win it of course but it was our first relay marathon and it sure won’t be our last! *the medals we are holding are finishing medals. Throughout the 3km run *multiply by 5 runners making it 15 km hence called marathon, i was reminded of  Steve Prefontaine when he ran with style and gusto whereas I was concern of not humiliating myself or the team and just finish the damn race. Perhaps that is what we all should do in this world, finish the damn race no matter what and just stand proud to say ‘I DID IT’ Analyzing my run, i noticed a marker is pertinent to your mental sparring.

People say you need to visualize your end line to reach it, though it is equally vital to be tactical about it. The words of an organizer on that day itself was simple yet defined, “Calm yourself down as you are here for a marathon race and not a 100m run” I guess that’s when we all make mistakes by ignoring our frailty of shortchanging ourselves by being unrealistic as not to be confused with being optimistic. Every moment of the 3km i had my sight on a chap who was running ahead to manage my distance from the pack. *a girl would have been a great marker =D

This went on for a while towards a point I was about to give up and just jog to the checkpoint to the line. It was the divine words by someone  saying it’s 50metres more that served well as a motivator when i made a dash for it.* Motivation is a useful charm. Enough to say i clocked in 17mins for a 3km run that served as a lesson after a good 24 years. Sunday was yesterday and let Monday be a Fun Day!

The Starting pointFriends from the run


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