naik syahwat

What’s an orgasm? Pure ecstasy? or the heighthened stage of sexual gratification? no no its more to that. It’s about being in a state of conflict. Your senses are aroused but your mind fails to reason it. There is nothing vulgar about experiencing an orgasmic relief if one may add as it could be sought by other means than sex. *not that it is reprehensible. Such was the day for a struggling law graduate with a passion for iron training charmed by interesting set of friends.

Gym was good and i stand by my words “It’s a Happenin’ Tuesday” after a good workout. Flirt with the boundaries of your physical limits and you will find that an exertion is unequal to insertion yet capable of secretion. *growth hormone that is =D As i was saying, GH is happy juice and you feel revived after a good workout because you simply produce more of it. Now who says you can’t get an orgasm coz gyms can offer you that!

Law; of course learning is fun but some find that attending classes are boring and to make things worst if class was at 6.30pm to 9.30pm. Yet i persevere and Salvador Dali couldn’t have described it better by saying “I am in a permanent state of intellectual erection” and true enough i was! Despite having failed my exams recently, i love learning and reading but i think my mistake was by keeping it to myself instead of expressing myself well in the exams and we all know that orgasms is less likely without another party involved. Nevertheless i had an orgasm by reading Law!

Supper was at Hartamas Square for a planned gathering of DaraBeef *i am not making up this name for this post. Before i could even make an order i inquired further from my friends whom i bumped into and they said it was sweet. On top of that to quote dD “memang lah manis,kata pun dara…” =_= (of course it’s sweet,it’s virginal) Hearing this from a girl indeed confirms the testimony of recently married men. Anyway…the burger was cum si cum sa, so i din’t get a food connoisseur’s orgasm. I guess sometimes when u try so hard and expect too much, your efforts would be denied from pleasure although it would make you appreciate it more the next time you get an orgasmic food experience.

Final checkpoint for the day with the same group who felt cheated by DaraBeef was the fragrant smoky confines of shisha. It was a great way to end your quest for the day. On top of having half boiled eggs to replenish lost protein, smoking shisha was pure bliss. Sharing communal spirit with friends by engaging in senseless conversations with intervals of profound words and wisdom could not have brought a better ending to the day.

One should not rush things through when seeking pleasure in life instead let our own accorded sense of zen carry ourselves together. It’s nothing taboo about having sex to achieve ultimate pleasure but there are other means of receiving one’s end of such intensity. Orgasms can happen anytime anywhere to anyone. Care for one now?



  1. hahaha! I went to the Sloppy Joe’s van thing last Sunday at Hartamas (remember I was telling u guys about that too?) Well they have a joint venture thing with some shisha business and I thought we should probably go there sometime to gather up.

    …but the burger is not that nice.

    SS15 burger shop! when when when?????

  2. haha.burger place that goes by the name of sloppy joe just doesnt sound right to begin yeah sure burger soon round up the boys and its on like donkey kong

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