Bittersweet reality

Truth hurts whereas a lie remains a lie for behind every symphony is a tragedy. Sundays are a tease where its beauty is short lived by the wretched Monday. Well not contentiously so if one treats the week ahead as an opportunity to find the One! Lovers seek in the warmth and joy of their company whereas single souls are at the expense of youth. Blasphemous! We are mindful on our ticking clock of youth yet freedom from love is not a denial of its value but only a heightened awareness of choices. What sort of choices one speaks of? It’s when you learn to love yourself more before sharing it with another.

An exchange of conviction on the sanctity of love is never a destination. It is a journey. The legitimacy of Cupid’s arrow does not withstand mischief. Perhaps one is open up to the odds of being a target practice of fate? Even so I shall not contend the pure eruption of emotion and those bits of sensation evolving from this trivial spark of chemistry. Courtships and relationships are two different things but the motivation should never wane from another as I said before it is a journey.

I find myself cornered by the saddening truth of singlehood yet I seek solace in my absolute freedom of sharing love indiscriminately. To mom and dad, seeing how both of you commit to a LDR is the best lesson on love.


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