It really is

Are second chances in love clichés? A Saturday evening of back to back movies revolving such theme perhaps drags one into a crappy state of regrets or an insurmountable rush of hope dwindling in our tangled ego against making the call.

Having watched ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ and ‘Definitely Maybe’, the walls blocking love from ever setting foot in one’s heart seem to look ever so fragile and bound to get smashed by an onslaught of feverish emotion. Pain is a perversion of sensation. It is a cruel reminder to life and our ability to feel. God’s blueprint is unquestionable for we should accept it as part cheekiness to life.

Earlier this week the movie ‘Private Lives of Pippa Lee’ wasn’t easy to be dealt with either despite being some tragic comedy which my date had not understood why I found the movie comedic and not refreshing. A repressed thought revisits one as regrets later in life. I have no clue of how to deal in this matter but I do know a working model for me is to be organic about things.

Movies are like rubbing Aladdin’s lamp where the genie grants you no wishes but just a projected smokescreen of how things would have looked like only if…


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