Break it dont time it off

Relationships are like plants. It grows and dies. We embrace it as the natural order of life although sometimes death comes prematurely and this calls for a strong heart to throw the plant away before it becomes an eyesore.

Here is the list of things you could say to end your relationship without sounding like an ass. *always attach sorry for one can never be too apologetic.

Mom said she had a C-section for me, and we don’t have her blessing. I’m sorry.

You know when fruits become oxidized and it looks awful. I’m sorry.

It’s not you but sometimes I wonder if you’re it. Get me? I’m sorry.

Maybe this is your karma due, I think we should embrace our end of love with love. *love is a stronger word than sorry.

Of course this would be nothing more than silly wit but should one find it difficult in breaking up with someone, just remember the rule of thumb, you may be cruel but at least you’re not a loser in denial. Live with love not suffer from out of love.


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