I ran for a cancer free body

quacky run (killer heels)

It ain’t over till the fat lady sings could not have been more right if you were watching an opera, or killing two birds with one stone seem logical if a rascal aimed the rock at a bird’s nest with two younglings in it. Both are extreme manifestations of proverbs and idioms though often not its coincidental truth serves as a jest and in my case I had a run for my money!

The Elken Quacky Run was aimed at raising funds and campaign awareness on the subject of breast and cervical cancer. Despite the discrimination of this sickness, men should know about breast cancer for himself and his partner. *although men can get it too in later stages in life. It’s a great feeling to be part of the congregation of sympathizers to the cause whilst committing to a run especially on a Sunday morning! The 4.5km run was charity based hence making the mood less competitive and to this I am guilty for slacking a bit during the run.

Although I had a few brisk walks between the run, it set the right mood to be contemplative on the state of cancer patients being less fortunate in their journey battling their sickness as the stretch is not measured by a quantified distance they could aim for but only a mere estimation of time left on them. Ironically at times it may serve as a cruel epiphany opting one to spend remainders of their life with rejoiced youth once they have accepted their fate of life with grace obedience.

Certainly I would deny from preaching healthy habits on living to anyone beyond saying “One should know better”. I have no clue where my time will stop though I have a sense of how I would like to spend it on. Sometimes in life it is not so much about quantifying but it should not stop you from appreciating a moment’s quality. You have my love and respect fellow cancer patients,survivors and their families. Your exemplary love,care and support denies any regrets one has over their mistakes in life.

Learn more about this campaign by Passionately You.


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