A bastard as one may be

Conscience invades a man’s constitution. Question is do u blink? A gross act may derive from an innocent ulterior intent such as picking your nose may be disgusting but it is done to clear your nose. Wiping your ass after you poo is not really a hygienic act though unless you want your butt crack to exude horrid smell or worst having fungi growth around it and reduce your reputation when a woman goes down on you or vice versa for women then go figure!

Coming back to my humble point, what would you do when the bug of conscience harasses you to do something out of your free will? Perhaps we could all be hypocrites and answer in the affirmative of doing what society regards as morally sound choice. *Yawn

Is retribution a sound moral choice or should we adhere to karma and let cosmos arrange hellish fate on those who have subjected us to cruelty? Well I personally think karma is evident, although no one said you can’t be the enforcer yourself. Of course not all would agree on such premise as this truly marks the unbecoming of a man. The question again is do u blink when given the choice to give hell?

Well Inglourious Basterds gave a clear answer. When you find that the lesson on morals have been abandoned by your enemies, there is no reason to teach him any. Educate him on what you have learnt from them. What is worth remembering is your motivation and make them your principles worth holding on to, for you will refer to it again at each moment of weakness.

How this lesson applies to one in this cruel life of work,relationship,health among a few? inglourious-basterdsDistractions are unavoidable along the way and sometimes being caught by it reduces you to a state of filth *slight dramatic way of guilt. Ultimately being reminded of your own set of principles would make you a bastard against contemporary view. Do acknowledge their label and make peace with that as you will find that it’s better to have your middle finger on their face rather than theirs up in your ass.


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