fat can be fit foo

Do you want to be an elephant or a tiger? One is about size at the expense of sacrificing mobility whereas the other is agility, strength and prowess. Oh yes with the downside of perhaps not being colossal. Not to forget there is a last option and that is to be a peacock, enough muscle definition to just compliment their flashy colourful feathers and that’s just about it. Nevertheless every average Joe would one to attain a certain goal for their physique for reasons attributed to one’s ego.

It was 2 years ago when I was baptized into the world of iron training. Ever since then Fitness First became my temple of blood and sweat which soon enough became my passion. I started off as skinny Joe where despite my attempts of reasoning it as Mick Jagger’s sexy skinny, a reality check brought me to the shams of appearing like a druggie. It was annoying to hear those around you expressing their concern over your diet when in fact you are just happy with yourself!

Nevertheless I felt that packing few pounds of mass would be useful for my future legal practice as the judge would then have a clearer view of me from his or her elevated seat. For average Joes who just want to do something about their fitness level or physique without signing up for gym, make sure you have these 3; a chinup bar, skipping rope and will power. By the way muscle and fat are two separate body cells, should you stop working out your muscle will NEVER turn into fats. If there is anyone out there looking for a proper easy to follow program, just drop your email and I will send you some free of charge.

Although it may sound like I’m preaching on makeover tips , it must be remembered the primary thing is that at the end of the day you should only do things out of love for yourself and never for others. Hitler kept his moustache because he was confident with himself.

*as to the title of this post, trust me being skinny does not mean you are fit nor healthy. check this out


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