year as it is

Time… a second of u is an eternal wait when my bowel is gurgling, a minute is hellish when it’s an aging queue, and an hour is taxing when traffic  enslaves, but a day is a pulsating sweet misery when love and I have a date.

The year 2009, how one would surmise it to be; ‘two weeks short to conclude and few months late to fulfill’ if there was anything commendable to gain from this year would be 10kg of mass, 3 friends I can refer to as brothers, rocking at guitar hero (medium level), learn to use vacuum cleaner effectively i.e. suck lizards and random big spider(s) in my room. Although few failures and regrets is part of the check and balance to life, the gravity of two being stronger than a black hole are stalled progress to final year of law and career chances that always seem like a mirage. Every clown wants to turn a frown and quotes are my so called jesters where one of it being, “life’s a hustle so hustle it out”

I’m no Guru but I believe as long as one has the ability to love, it’s easy to see failures as trivial hiccups before your next appetite for happiness. The weeks of contemplation had brought me down like a Japanese Kamikaze and ironically it simply means that the fall was freewill. And this is the time when vanity may not always be profane.

To be entangled by divinity of errors is a gift and a curse. Learning from it brings you wisdom whereas succumbing to it leads you to the obvious.



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