MaNiC traffic is useless panic

Emotions are like doctors hands covered with oily lotion before conducting an operation. It sounds silly but it was one of those moments when sanity and idiocy are dwindling and you take that shit to come up with some sort of remedial justification. You must remain in constant grasp of a situation!

Satanic whispers of killing another driver in the course of traffic where the rules of engagement are vague, signifies one of those moments referred to. Calm at this point is just a word within meaning of the dictionary whereas ‘Manic’ suits like a size 8 girl in her Vera Wang dress. The road closures of 3 main roads in KL obviously triggered a chain reaction to traffic across main areas of Klang Valley bringing to mind of beavers building a home in river banks that would have affected the river flow though in our case it’s a freaking Valley and it’s a traffic flow!

What I had lost yesterday attributed to this ridiculous traffic jam; halted academic development, innocence by making the best of foul words known in all dialects and languages, brake pad thickness, and my precious time. But like all dramatic twist and turns, the pain of irons no matter how brief the workout was as followed by glorious beef ginger pasta, nailed the bitch from Ipswich!


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