Swim like a sperm

It was an afternoon swim with mi love and seeing her in a swimsuit got me thinking…

How does it feel to be part of millions in a race towards the same goal and becoming living proof of Darwin’s survival of the fittest? If there is any consolation for those who try, never lose heart as this is the kind of lesson they don’t teach you at Harvard. And getting aroused the second, third, fifth or even the millionth time would literally give you another shot at it!

Motivation is your salvation from annihilation. It helps to have a mentor and the Pygmalion effect borne out of it brings to mind of Pinocchio’s story. Had he not been told his nose would erect whenever he lied, will his morals be decided differently? Mind your philosophical query, trivial observations sometimes gives the easiest answer.

Swim as fast as you can, find the egg, do your job then contemplate for a period of time (9months) before doing it again.


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