Twist like a naked chihuahua

Sundays are like beautiful women in satin lingerie. And Mondays are like constipated ‘Mak Cik’ in government departments. Thus concludes my lustrous weekend of pleasure ending painfully, and the beginning of a frustrating day with a twist of zest eventually.

Rules that should be observed by every man who wishes to retain their sanity when it involves a woman;

1. Pick up a contact sport. Any form of physical pain exerted and solicited will make every emotional frustration evaporate. Gym would be alternative as well if you’re lifting irons of course as the saying goes, pain is a good motivation.

2. Women are like nut crackers, be the hard nut and never crack under pressure

3. Remember the time as you were a kid you know something is amiss when you hear mum calling your name with a tone? Guess what, it still applies now. Defence 101? Beats the shit out of me, its rocket science.

4. Most importantly, no one said love was easy so always remember why you love her in first place and that is your salvation. Love you bon bon

* Chihuahuas have ERD (erectile retraction dysfunction) hence a boner would mean hell when they want to dance but i dont think the bitches (female dog) would mind.


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