i created my universe in 10 days

The boy who was never yet a man,

Came close to an end with his unrepentant wit but joy was his not for her to seize,

Love is a façade where false appearances are a macabre,

Swam in the river of Hades with the knowledge of an Ironman champ

Oh Fuck I cramped my muscles maybe I was just too eager to please,

A pair of running shoes is all he needs to run the distance of an unknown,

Accompanied by the music of a Native American flute  he plays ever so amateurishly,

Sounds horrid like  a wailing cat in heat but damn the boy’s heart is on fire!

He did it again by missing a wedding promise, but come on now who are we kidding

He believes in sanctity of emotion and not some ceremonial marital bond

They say a beaten soul demoralizes you, an obvious folly when one has sparred in Muay Thai,

Thus was the conclusion of a week where his year had just begun.

* Ask yourself whose standard do you live by?  Dad once said to never judge another man’s morals and his words is sacred. If you are sure of yourself so let it be and never resign to a fascist.


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