Who we are

You animal! That was the expression a person would make to me whenever I did something abhorrent in the norms of a civil society. Have we evolved so much that traits of our animalistic behavior should be traded with moral fragility? Should men be more of Jane Austen’s rather than Chuck Palahniuk’s?

Where do we stand when it comes to defining an ideal man? There was a time when men could stand proudly among their brothers and telling to the world we love women, food and wine while beating our chest without any slight embarrassment. The women of those times of course were only judged by the size of their bosoms and that is to say we could be simple minded too. But the point is that men are now shying away from expressing their machismo!

I’m not saying men should regard women any less nor treat them with less civility, but only a reminder that sometimes the reasonable science as to why we act accordingly is simply because we are men. It’s not a blind acceptance but a prerequisite to coexistence.


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