Tali Tenang by RA

I can give you hundred reasons why we need peace, but I’d rather show you what it means to have one.

How do we call out to another when we ourselves have failed at listening?

Tali tenang showed what unity is all about. It only takes a knot to bring different strings together and a determined use of blades to cut it altogether. That ladies and gentlemen is what I have learnt by being part of the organizer’s cavalry. This is a story of how cheekiness won everyone’s heart.

No guesses for what has been going on lately with Ibunda (MALAYSIA) and Abah/Father (The Premier) has got a few things in his head too. The kids are bickering again over who gets to do what. I shall not go over the number of kids they have because the ‘household of majority’ always preferred bigger families. One day, one of the daughters and the sons got fed up but neither wanted to argue with their siblings because idiocy is indeed contagious. ALAS! They came up with a plan by observing how Ibunda starts smiling whenever she hears any of her kids giggle.

The duo then rounded up as many of their likeminded siblings in executing their wicked plan. They told each of them to bring a string and tie the end of each strings and walk around an area where Ibunda’s friends are often seen hanging out. The idea was to show how these siblings were loving to each other and able to walk hand in hand (strings used for convenient steps) despite the bickering of others at home and at same time ending the cerita kedai kopi of how chaotic things were at home and there was no hope for reconciliation.

They did what they were best at which was in sharing their love among others and tell everyone that things may have gone bad between some at home but that doesn’t mean everyone shares the same animosity. Hopefully Abah/Father gets the news so he could promise Ibunda to spend more on his kids education.

Tali Tenang had almost 250 participants and only time will tell if  the message of unity has become a hot  mamak session story.

*Photos and Stories of the 2 so called siblings and others  shall be added soon but  in time check this out!


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