what february brings

It’s february and with the whispers and cries going in the background, you don’t need a calendar as a reminder what month is it. Why? Well its the month of love so they all say and every guy starts saving to throw a memorable V-Day celebration whereas girls giggle every time they talk about presents they might be getting. Indeed that may be the case but for others the date means more this year for it is the New Year and oh rejoice my fellow friends for salvation is near and it comes in the form of ang paus.

Chinese Zodiac sign tells you a lot about your inner animal trait as much as how it determines your fate for the year. I’m not trying to be an expert but merely sharing my overview of the year as an Ox.

Things were rough but with funny twists towards the end and that is the irony of life. Like all teas and coffees,the sugar rests at the bottom. I guess seeing the tigers coming in, we Oxen are moving our asses off current comfort zone and directly drawing a change of fate by speeding things up. Blessing an Ox with a year of its own is a curse of turning one into a cow and that won’t work. To plough we need to be pushed!

What of love? oh well we are grounded with our own stand. Can’t say it’s easy if you speak about having a relationship but hey what can i say, i’m a cow. (haha that’s funny right?) I should just say that cows love to be pet but we don’t want you to confuse that with perpetual submission. We may be passionate and that is just half of the truth. Don’t draw the red cloth honey.

Now if any of you know me take my advice be it for my sake or other people born in the year of an Ox whom you may encounter. We may be slow at times no thanks to our inner animal trait, yet we make great steaks! Happy New Year!


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