Lovers manifesto

Love and lust is a balancing act,

Confuse them not or misery shall follow,

Love’s a bitch and that’s a fact,

But find the right one and you’ll forever glow.


I can’t speak of love from conviction but I will enlighten you through one’s unadulterated narration. The Socratic Method I have tried in my query over this motivation to eternal devotion, and the more I get drawn into it the less logical it becomes. Perhaps the reasoning of this emotion proves nothing further of its sanctity but only a litmus test to show whether it exists or not.

A date on the calendar stretches the picture of how obsessed one could be over this equity. Is this true love or are my hormones talking of lust? Well experiences tend to make one cautious yet a new presence brings new passion home. It’s not something that would easily go by when embracing her is the last thing you want to do before u sleep followed by kissing her first is thing in the morning. Thus true as it may be once you have found your soul the body shall ensue.

Sadly enough this love has been abused, be it the people who trade on it or yourself to be fooled by it. The date challenges the principles of economy where a rose would be 10 times of its price, but oh love is blinding and deafens the voice of pragmatists.  You chant, “Well money means nothing while her smile means everything”

Conclude a man’s will with this feverish sensation, getting caught by the love bug is a blessing though always remember the lessons of Adam and Eve.


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