NST is still sexy

Weekend melody played in the hearts of many is always timely when we’ve suffered gravely. Baptised in the world of journalism in the first week of many never fails to make me giddy.  NST is where i lay and from the people that i have met, this place indeed is where i will stay.

The twist of getting your dream job lies in the trade off. A gist of what most journalists have said within the first week is, ‘sacrifice’. Of course there were many other godly words but ultimately what sets the ball rolling in any undertaking of your profession is ‘sacrifice’.

My routines have changed and certainly my body is adapting to it just like a parent to newly born, dramatic changes infusing different emotion of scared shitless and excitement. For whatever these new experiences may turn out to be, a rule i have lived by is to be organic. Accept life as it is first then play it on your terms.

The boy who thought he knew better was in fact one who knew less,

He met a girl who knew nothing depended on him for everything,

They both ended up together in the world where ignorance was bliss,

Enough to say their union had created a child who knows nothing.

*Your life may be under scrutiny but never give the benefit to a fool.


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