Why some men leave you

If your love life is dead, treat its obvious truth as refreshing. You’re a better poker player now.

The cruel words of Will Smith in Bad Boys II, “don’t hate the player, hate the game” vindicates one from the not so innocent game called love. Before i get entangled with issues of typical chauvinism, let me remind you that i may not be holier than thou nor ignorant as thee. Let one share the privileged truth of why men leave you.

Survival guide 101: natural right

We may appear irrational through our behavior but in reality we are taking calculative steps in the name of ‘preservation’.  At this instance it should not be confused with regard to preservation of mankind despite its relevance in a higher existential query. Because ultimately it comes back to the preserving our FREEDOM

As much as we love you (or want to have sex with you) the numbers don’t add up if you keep making us do something out of our will. Every time we resign to your wishes, it snowballs into resentment.

We work 5 days a week as well, we have our time of the month as well (in different manifestation), and retaining youth is why we always stick close to our brethren. You should not undercut our natural right to be men and neither do we appreciate if our freedom from conscience ceases when you use the ‘if you love me you would…’ licence.

Survival guide 101: objectivity

Love conquers it all. Dumb but true and sometimes it just fucks it up. Ooh blasphemy did i taint the sacred word?

Let us pick the tab on reality. Some men abhor the word commitment and we are shun upon as promiscuous. What about our side of the story? Embrace yourself ladies to our humble pledge. We just want to know more about women before we choose to settle down and trust her to be the mother of our children. Before we could achieve this, our ‘multidating’ is just a stepping stone for a better cause and remaining objective is pertinent for the search.

Therefore we may have to distant ourselves emotionally simply because we want to discover the long term bond we may share with you. Bear with us and we shall bare it all.

Survival guide 101: passion

We are organic. Life as we may know never is certain and those who are fluid remain in control of the situation before it hits them. What happened to our impromptu days?

A 5 year plan ahead is like a mission statement but a 5 day plan for a weekend is just taxing to our fast paced unpredictable youth.  Let’s just go with the flow because once u cease to be organic, passion as we know turns into submission. (of course if it involves a bed is different) But on a serious note, let loose and don’t play mummy with us.

A relationship strives on passion. We know when it’s gone and soon you’ll be gone. Trust our instinct when we say the movie is bad so let’s do something else.

*My words may come out nonsensical but the intention is pure.



  1. Thanks for linking me to your blog and hey, you know my name too! Anyway, I guess you can also theme your blog as “The Ugly Truth” to all women out there ;P

  2. You’re most welcome =) Your blog is a good read and the photos look great! Perhaps I do say the ugly truthful things but ill make it up with my sketches =p

  3. ahhh, the cock strikes again.

    “bear with us and we shall bare it all”.

    Then who’s the one who’s going to bear WITH US?

    Oh, and when you bare it all, can I tape it up for further research purposes? 😛

  4. Cock or cocky? =p well don’t worry men are not heartless, we’re just indifferent towards excessive emotional outburst. But we’ll still come back to you because nothing beats a woman’s touch especially when it concerns our heart.

    So research on my anatomy huh? Haha.hamsap

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