47 days

“Be ready to disappoint your family and friends once you’re a journalist…”

I could not care less for this trivial caution in the beginning, but after awhile the facebook wall smudges asking your whereabouts and posted reminders of wedding invites or divorce celebration for that matter, eventually caught up with one’s conscience.

There is no point in stating how obviously sorry I am. Though as much as I would like to sound apologetic and devastated by my careless regard for another, I feel that one should not be poisoned by the idea of how everything should follow the plan rigidly. In life you should always go with the flow.

Never confuse one with the inability to manage time. Somewhere along the way observers of your life were lost in translation. It is impossible to please everyone but as long as you’re happy with yourself, sanity is always in your hands.

The journey is exhausting hence why I need all the support I can get. What I have learned so far at work is the depth of hypocrisy. I wish not to revise the lesson.


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