I realised my words had less colour now. Despite its medicinal truth,sometimes tasteless facts are worse than being bitter.

Let us throw some ROYGBIV shades to the ever dull,boring,dead,un-newsy story of life. Aaahh..if there was no blood at the scene,make sure there is some before you could write about it. Sadistic? hush it’s all part of the play. You can’t have an audience if there was no drama.

Chapter 1: The boy who thought he knew better got a spank from his own vain wisdom

The lesson you learn from getting yourself wounded is to understand your weaknesses and forget your ego. No truth could run further from this premise even if “it” was on Nikes. (no apostrophe)

Winston Churchill once said “acknowledging fear or being in such state is a sign of wisdom” His attributions should never be erred despite his comfort in the hunting grounds could have him care less. But remember we are the final bastion of veracity!

Despite the discontinuity of thoughts and paras in this entry,it may serve as an esoteric humour among those who shared my ill fate.


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