Exes haunt you

Your mind is weaker than your emotions. In what may seem as a meet by fate which will always be late, the decision you make shares a lesson on love that will either hold you back or bring a new meaning to life as they say. Drop the hat.

Love has nothing to do with civility, as the trenches of lust would trap any romantic and break their moral grounds eventually. It is not about being pessimistic over the sanctity of such emotion or should one say devotion. The lesson of love can only do so much in preparing your soul for the real world and battle wounds should be spat on instead of turning the sensation an itching obsession. Why do you always have to go back to your source of pain?

We are creatures of habit, that once you have found a level of comfort you are ‘dead’. Trapped in a realm where ignorance fuels the fire of idiocy. Nothing will ever justify this, period. Fate? The one? Don’t know? Women know it yet they over interpret it, men know it yet pretend they have an upperhand. It is simple, you will always go back to your ex for the 134th time because you refuse to have follow the simple premise in life, think about your happiness.

Sadomasochist comprehend pain as pleasure, do you think you are one? I mean who am i to distinguish the moral grounds of physical pain as to one that is emotionally inflicted. The Malay proverb could not have said it better, “tepuk dada tanya selera”

The thought of my exes comes to mind everytime a taste of their scent from a passerby fills each nostril unjustly. Having said that, knowing she is doing well in life would remind me that if one had deny the call of fate to go separate ways, it would have been different but not better. Love is about making sacrifices with an exception to happiness.



  1. when you break up with someone, you learn something about yourself that you never notice when you were with them. you improve yourself, and get someone better.

    mine smelt like apples.. i turn when i smell dkny, be delicious thinking its her.

  2. Indeed yin, spoken like a gentleman. Women, you have to know when to love them and not forgetting to love yourself.

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