Afrika futbol

World Cup unites everyone, even men who don’t really watch other footbal leagues throughout the season. I can attest to that. I remember being ostracised back in high school because apparently if you can’t play football you’re not one of the boys. Sad aint it? How shallow i thought they were.

One thing is certain till today is that, i still can’t play proper football. But with my built as compared to then, no one gets through my defences. Muehahaha. Back to the point, World Cup however emits a different vibe. You feel like you have been elected as one of the observers of a UN convention. It’s political yet it is still a game.

Once in 4 years, productivity will decrease in a bell curve, self inflicted insomnia, refusal of sex (well if it was during a penalty kickout) and among other things that will strike society.

I may be ‘kaki bangku’ but i’m sentimental when it comes to World Cup because the first time i watched the campaign was in 1998 with abah.


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