It is hard to pick up from a hiatus. Like any truth in courtship romance in its every form of passion, seduction and infiltration to a persons heart would make their knee go weak.

But truth behold that absence may not always make the heart grow fonder. So let the next wordy flirtation convince you why I am not a blogger but only a periodic sappy ‘wordpresser’.

Getting shortchanged is not an imposition but a decision made. It is at an instance when you decide not to stand up for yourself or choose to fight another day, you have then lost the plot. Politics will never cease to exist and your lesson is to outplay it.

Common sense dictates that those in power will abuse their ‘divine right’ at times. As minions it is said that giving in is the rule of survival. Bollocks! That rule is only half of the art.

The Dark Knight’s Joker paid respect to his name when he saw society as a joke. He ridiculed every inch of morality anyone had. Our inability to coexist did not come from our ignorance to gage humanity, love or every other motivation. We are just impractical enough to be selfish.

Treat everything as part of a humbling experience and you will earn the ‘karma card’ to call better judgments. You can only choose to be humiliated as the defeat is only in your mind. I have witnessed too many atrocities to one’s self respect. But by choosing to be indifferent towards any form of degradation or deception of emotion, you are spared from the doing of a weak mind.

For as long as you hold on to a maxim of self belief, you will be reminded that being caught in such precarious situation is just a walk by gates of hell to reach the gardens of heaven.


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