Do cats fart?

Yes they do but healthy cats are not supposed to fart at all. The smell is a telltale sign of worms or other intestinal disorders that are even worse, and can be life threatening if left untreated. Was this question overlooked by most people for its triviality despite its significance?

There are more questions reflecting on the terror of our ignorance. Should we educate kids on sex? Can a girl get pregnant on first try of unprotected sex? Is it okay to not change your condom for a second round? Is abortion legal in our country? Does it come down to a simple answer of premarital sex being the problem?

Fuck off conservatives because it is not a debate on your morals. It is about facing the present facts. An overwhelming subject with over discussed points and one shall not swindle the sanctity of marriage to legitimise sex. Neither will the call of passion be tamed.

1. Sex education is to educate on sex. It is not a syllabus inspired by the work of kama sutra.

2. Condoms are not a scam engineered by the pharmaceutical companies. USE IT GENEROUSLY.

3. Abortion is only legal when the life of the mother is threatened in Malaysia. Refer to Malaysian Abortion Act 1967.

Moral values are never to be judged. You can be guided by it but should never impose your beliefs on others. Deliver in subtlety and for eternity you shall be grateful of how others would imitate you.


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