Relationships should never be divided into stages. It should always be treated as an organic process because every moment counts.

There is a saying which mum cries out whenever she couldn’t find her things. ‘Kalau time nak-lah memang tak akan jumpa’ (when you’re looking for it you’ll least find it) True enough when you’re out there searching for your better half.

It was never my intention to be the joker of fate and everything else in between. There is a difference between discovering love and exploiting its sanctity. I was never innocent nor should I be considered guilty for staying objective throughout the years. I paid my dues for getting hurt and I had to refine my belief.

The joker in batman was a powerful character because he ridiculed every precondition society had placed on moral righteousness. It was a case of a man who was amoral.

It was another day to meet new people and most importantly keeping my promise to friends. The other motivation for the day was to accompany my eager sister who wanted to go #angkatrumah because i have not been spending time with her ever since work got the best of me. I’m glad I went there that day.

My first encounter with her was nothing romantic nor unusual. I was in a hurry to answer the call of hunger and “sometimes we forget to stop and enjoy the sunset because of the sandflies.” She was my moment.

It was also the day when I was disconnected from the world. My sanity was put to a test when my handphone was out. My perspective on how life could have been before cell phones changed. It was not only nokia which connects because the human heart can do wonders. (Cheesy but its the truth.really..)

You can never fake chemistry. It is almost instinctive when it comes to picking up the signs of fate. I met her for the second time and the least I could do was to be courteous enough to offer her my sincere words and invitation through poetry, but she was slow enough to pick it up then. (Maybe she was shy)

The significance of name cards should never be underestimated. It saves you from dead phones,poor memory, and in my case oblivious to who she was…(I had hers)

Facebook is like a community service. It helps you find people you met,those you want to meet,anyone you feel like meeting,or meeting someone who your friend thinks you should meet.

There she was, story of her life told in a one way conversation. I hated this privilege of technology which robbed me off completely from the natural order of intimacy.

Redeemed myself from this void, met her few days later and res ipsa loquitur. There was nothing awkward between us but there was caution within us. Rest assured, it is only called a honeymoon year if you fear of what lies ahead..

You should remind yourself that nothing is more certain than the reason for embarking on the journey. And in my case, Katherine was my reason


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