To achieve greater heights in life all it takes is just self belief. Or in my case chocolate bars and water. It was only last week upon reaching Asia’s scoop spot (since its 4095,2 meters) I finally understood what it meant to be a Taurean.

Rule no #1, being prepared also means mentally.

The day before I left, most natural thing to do was to spend quality time with my love. It was part of a mental preparation to be away from her for a week, I’m not being sappy but withdrawal symptom is a sound premise in my defense. Unfortunately as how life can shake you up most times, I had to take part in a muay thai fight on short notice. I had been missing training due to convenient work demand hence why I assumed my instructor had ruled me out. Enough said, an annoyed muay thai instructor giving u a wake up call was enough to give me goosebumps so off I went and praying I would not risk injury for the climb.

Rule no#2 just smile when it hurts

Ill save the narration of the hike for a different day but suffice to know that the tempo of your breathing controls the destiny of your body.

After the hike to Laban Rata, at 2.30am was the beginning of a great lesson. When you feel the stresses in life is consuming, pause and listen to your body. I took a nap on the foothills of kinabalu trading an opportunity to catch the sunrise.

Rule no#3 cliches are defining words when the day spells it out

‘Everything happens for a reason’. I woke up to a breathtaking sight on the foothills which later I found out the team which reached the summit at 5.30am were denied of such.

Experiences like these serve as a backdrop for contemplation.

Rule no#4 consistency will get you there

Don’t count the steps in life, you won’t go wrong when you follow the beat. When your mind is empty, you spend less time digesting and scrutinising the conflict, instead you go into a cruise control action plan.

Just swing to groove and let your motion scream action paction baby lotion. =D

Rule no #5 enlightenment has a price

Einstein may have felt frustrated when he was explaining quantum physics, Beethoven? Let’s not go there, and what more of a child who discovers something foreign and cries her heart out unable to contain excitement. But in the end, the value of experience can’t be shared simply because people are not willing to listen.

Rule no #6 (silence)

Loving it more by the day.

I thank god for 3 things, love,wisdom and willpower


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