Seconds to hour

I feel like I’ve been on a treadmill for a while now. If I were a hamster, I would be getting crackers by now. Getting an ‘in-between’ rest is a luxury in the days of a naked journalist.

Words help in description but the real picture depends on your ability to visualise it. And I shall tell you what its like right now by relating to the cruel fate of mcdonald’s fries.

Everyone wants a piece of you when you’re fresh but as time pass, being stale would not even earn the friendship of fungi. (Yes fungus will never grow on mcd’s fries,trust me)

Break the glass of vanity because it was a reference to creative writing. Again time has you on a leash and you have to plan your escape thoroughly.

This requires an oganisational skill that was simply theoretical for myself until David Allen’s audio book came into picture. It helped me in creating a system that works like a german machinery.

A modest list of accomplishment I’ve made to date may not stand like a child’s christmas list but one I take pride of.

1- National service training in Desa Rimba,Perak. On top of having to drive at 3am from home to somewhere foreign,being groggy was just unproductive thus why I learned that by organising your emotion it becomes a great tool for contemplation.

2- Living up to my word to a bromie. When your state of happiness is intertwined with another, it doesn’t take much to convince yourself that lack of sleep and food will not stand your way. *visit

3- Improved quality of living through audiobooks. I used to wonder how to capitalise the time during traffic. David Allen doesn’t count because it was given by dad, but I’m proud to say I finished my first Seth Godin in 3 rush hour traffic.

4- Spending quality time with katherine amidst our hectic schedule. Its not the length but depth that matters in a relationship.

5- Writing chapters by the day for the book for men and women want men to have.

6- Balancing fitness regime to a holy month practice. Tough but you just got to do it if you want to remain prime.

And oh getting your story published on page one of newspaper and getting a fan mail for it. =)


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