Skirt by the seesaw

You have to know what you want before going after something. The adage applies equally when  man wants a woman. But would his quintessential need meet the girl’s desire for something else?

The world is your playground seem comical rather than musical truth. You’ll learn to have fun and meet new people yet a fall from the swing would alter the experience altogether. In the end, someone will come and embraces you in the most loving gesture followed by the three letter word that men constantly need but fail to receive. A hug.

Women should not be objectified. Period. But you can play the game objectively. Of course it would alarm feminists when i refer to meeting women as the game. In truth, your ideology may sometime cloud the literature. When his mind resigns to a softened heart, she would then earn the dick stick on her scoreboard. (1-0)

As such a man must always come prepared. Be in control of the situation. Of course love is possession of the heart and not freedom, always remember to respect her choices. Create your realm instead.

1- Equip yourself with knowledge. Magic only happens in the mind of an audience, by practicing what you know that makes you a magician.

Religion is about having the belief. You can only describe god but experience god in your mind,body and soul. That is the premise of this book although Neil Strauss speaks of a different religion, and that is self belief in committing.

Under the skin of machismo there is always a man with a need. He may not know what it really is as the guise of what he wants would often prevail. Same goes to women who treat men as mere pets or perhaps belittling every inch of his ego had merely been acts of reinforcing their insecurity.

Everyone must be reminded that love is not a game but creating the opportunity is.


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