Getting married on a Saturday

It was a great work day but I’m sure it would have been a better wedding day. (Not a reference to self)

The weather was great, you could sense love everywhere and it’s fasting month! Now would it not be a great time for some cheap,pleasant atmosphere to host some less giddy crowd? In all fairness of course an evening ceremony would be expected and this demands a compromise.

How do you level out your wishes to the pressing reality? A conflict would be inevitable if you ask me, but somehow things will eventually work out.

Fairness do not come from mere fair behaviour. It takes a bigger person to give in and accept less for something more on that day. He must understand.

If i did not have a condom and I was about to engage in a menage a trois, being fair would mean to switch between the girls now and then, but to understand the situation requires depth on sexual transmitted diseases and say ‘its okay,I’m a monogamist’

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