Of assholes and pretty life

When man dies, his body gets decomposed and eventually what used to be an anatomical beauty is now some atomic particles. As time goes by, it would then form into a new organ in the universe. Mind my loose scientific thesis as this post is nothing more than a cry.

One wonders, if what used to be part of a man’s ass disintegrate, will it retain its old form in the next process of formulating a new organ?

The query extends nowhere further than observing the fact some people are just pure assholes. I mean their heart is filled with the wretchedness of an anus which had gone through a series of diarrhea. They are ‘ugly’ human beings.

It hurts to encounter these type of people because they succeed in corrupting love,happiness, and other beautiful things in life. But it kills when you see those you love facing them instead. You can only do so much to make things better.

I cannot deliver much justice to what appears to be part of natural order. To appreciate sweetness of an apple you have to taste the bitterness of medicine. It is after all a medicinal truth in karma.

Do not give in to the insult, and try to understand the smut. Assholes have go through a bad day for the rest of its life, why not show the simple gesture of wiping it off when its filthy.


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