I work for a mainstream paper and everyday i have to write stories that are rosy and not thorny at all. Our paycheck is our leash.”There is no such thing as a silly story, we enlighten readers through a coloured glass”.

Grow up people. If all mainstream media were direct messengers, our reports would have been like a manifesto. Preachy and uninspiring. But why such perception?

It is in the style of our content. Sometimes the news is dry as a barren dessert when the master of tyranny treats his blunder as an epiphany. All it takes is for someone to stop using his common sense.

Like all form of indoctrination, it ceases to inspire when those in higher position treat others as idiots. New media may have less ethical rulings, but it never creates the impression that readers are less smarter, instead it succeeded in giving a false sense of empowerment to those proximate to their acquired ‘privileged’ news.

The problem with mainstream media is when you have disillusioned managers observing old rules of the game. Monkeys evolved, when will you?


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