Two nights ago was a riot for myself and few RA members. Turning Taboo into a battle of sexes was taxing and it almost served as a reminder that communication was not a man’s game.

Unfortunately, like all twist of tale its truth was just too hard to bite. Men are in fact passionate communicators. We know what to say but it is the ‘taboo’ words which holds us back. And who comes up with the list? I shall leave it to your deduction.

Although it is ‘agreeable’ to find that miscommunication is a case of lacking forethought.

There is no demand for sensitising your choice of words but to only show courtesy. Imagine what it is like to be the other person listening to you.

After playing taboo I realised everyone has a lot on their mind and it pays to ask the person next to you, ‘do you want to talk about it?’

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